Follow your Trax in Real-Time with the Trax Smartphone & Web App

Trax comes with a free App, that is intuitive and easy to use. The App is an essential part of your Trax experience. You will be able to follow your trackers in real-time, and there’s no limit to how many trackers you can add.


What does Real-Time Tracking Mean?

Trax is a real-time tracking device. This means that Trax can send position updates as frequently as every 10 seconds.
It gives you a real-time feeling when checking the map on your mobile app, an important feature when someone or something important is out of sight.

Use Augmented Reality to Quickly Locate Your Tracker

Use the camera on your smartphone to quickly locate your tracker. Pan the phone around you and when you are pointing in the direction of your tracker, it will show up on screen with an arrow pointing you in the right direction.

Trax G+

Now Available on Your Desktop

Whether you already have an account or want to start using our products, you can use when sitting at your computer.

It’s never been easier to track your loved ones or your fleet and field staff!




Proximity Alerts

Losing sight of your child in a crowded place is terrifying.
With Proximity Alerts you can set up a circular geofence centred on you, and receive alerts if your Trax leaves the circle.

Geofences & Alerts

Use Geofences to get an alert when a tracker enters or leaves a specified area (safe zone). Trax Geofences have no size limit and you can create as many as you need. 



Want to monitor certain areas at specific times? Set individual schedules for geofence alerts that reflect your routines. You can customize each geofence to send notifications on certain days and hours.

Speed Alerts

Worried about speeding? Choose speed limits for your Trax and receive alerts if your tracker exceeds them.

Track Multiple Devices


Need to keep an eye on several trackers? No problem! You can add as many trackers as you need, all of them visible on your personal app account.

For businesses with multiple users, an unlimited number of trackers can be followed via the web application too!


Share Trackers


When you set up your tracker you can easily share it with anyone who uses the Trax App. You are in control at all times.
It’s very easy to toggle the sharing for individual trackers and followers.

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