Trax G+ Feature

Real Time Tracking

See the current location of your Trax GPS tracker in real time


Custom Geofences

Set multiple digital fences and receive alerts as a tracker enters or exits a particular area


Small & Light

Trax is the smallest smart GPS tracker, measuring 5.5 cm and 26 grams


Augmented Reality

Quickly locate your Trax using the camera on your smartphone


Proximity Alerts

Set up a digital circle that moves with you, and receive alerts if Trax leaves the circle


Wireless Charging

QI wireless charging pad included as standard, with every purchase of a Trax device


4G Connectivity

One of the first GPS trackers to offer commercial 4G solutions


Speed Alerts

Choose speed limits for your Trax and receive alerts if your tracker exceeds them



Trax is IP68 certified, capable of withstanding water immersion for a limited time


International Coverage

Works in 100+ countries with a simple subscription package


Track Multiple Devices

Add and track an unlimited amount of Trax devices from the same account


Phone & Web Apps

Free intuitive App available on App Store, Google Play, or directly on the web

Trax G+

Follow your Trax in Real-Time with the Trax Smartphone & Web App

Trax comes with a free App, that is intuitive and easy to use. The App is an essential part of your Trax experience. You will be able to follow your trackers in real-time, and there’s no limit to how many trackers you can add.

Now also on your desktop at!

Use Augmented Reality to Quickly Locate Your Tracker

Use the camera on your smartphone to quickly locate your tracker. Pan the phone around you and when you are pointing in the direction of your tracker, it will show up on screen with an arrow pointing you in the right direction.

Trax G+

Works in 100+ Countries

Trax operates using GPS Satellites and cellular networks, with a very simple data plan connected to your device.

Trax comes with its own subscription, just like your mobile telephone, granting the best possible coverage and free roaming in all of our supported countries!

world map

Set up Geofences & Alerts

Use Geofences to get an alert when a tracker enters or leaves a specified area. Trax Geofences have no size limit and you can create as many as you need. Use scheduling if you want to monitor certain areas on specific days.

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